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  • You can see the real number of ‘’infected, death, recovered’’ people - all around the world (move your mouse cursor on the worldmap to see the numbers of infected people) - or by country (your country should be automatically show up first). You can find it from menu bar, under ‘’Statistics’’ button. If you want to change the country, click ‘’Change’’ near the flag, enter the name (at least 2 letters) of another country, click ‘’Change country’’. There is a TOP list of contries under the map. Notice: The map is not clickable, but you can zoom it.
  • At the moment, you are on the ‘’About’’ an find it from menu bar, under ‘’Statistics’’ page, where you can read the information about CoronaWorld.net website.
  • You can get basic information about COVID-19 / coronavirus, what are the riskis, facts you must know and more. You can find it from menu bar, under ‘’Corona’’ button.
  • You have an opportunity to take ‘’Fun Tests’’ (menu bar), which is corona-themed and just for entertainment. More tests are constantly being created. You can share your ‘’test results’’ on Facebook wall.
  • We also have a public page on Facebook, where all of us can share topics about the virus and about our ‘’new lifestyle’’, ‘’Find us on Facebook’’ from menu bar.

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